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levy 征税
记忆技巧:lev 提高 + y 表行为 → 提高〔政府收入〕→ 征税
property alleviation
scrutiny 审查
记忆技巧:scrutin 检查 + y 表名词 → 详细检查

a Bleak Picture(惨淡画面)

As is depicted in the bar chart(我先想到的是grphic,而不是具体一种图表名称), it can be seen(这是可以肯定的事 consider) that China has made great achievement in its endeavor(努力) to lift its rural population out of poverty. To be concrete(具体的), from 2012 to 2020, the rural population in poverty in China has been decreasing(图表信息的关键点) continuously.
This success can be attributed to the following reasons. First, China has made a series of reforms to help rural people get rid of poverty, including carrying out policies and providing revenue(财政收入). Second, the urbanization of China has attracted many rural people to work in the cities, which also contributes to the decrease in China’s rural population living in poverty. Third, the comprehensive increase in Chinese people's income has also benefited the people in rural places.
The list of causes could go on, but they are already enough to indicate that Chinas efforts in overcoming poverty has scaled new heights. This achievement will surely improve the overall living standards of Chinese people.
努力:we made an earnest endeavor to persuade her.        



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The line chart explicitly shows(相比can be seen 更喜欢这种表达) the degree of urbanization in China from 1980 to 2019, which indicates the rapid development of Chinese society after the reform and open-up policies.
As we can see from the line chart, the degree of urbanization in China started to grow steadily after 1980 with around a 3% increase every five years as a result of the reform and open-up policies. From 1995 to 2010, the degree of urbanization in China increased quickly at a speed of about 7% each five years. Since 2010, the growing speed has slowed down, but the degree of urbanization still rose in a stable rate during this period.
In short, the degree of urbanization in China has raised from 19.39% in 1980 to 60.5% in 2019. Thus we can conclude that China has made great achievements in urbanization and the living conditions of residents in China have improved greatly.

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As we all know, education is the foundation of a country’s development, and the educational level of people is also an important sign to measure the quality of the population of a country. As can be seen from the bar chart, the gross enrolment ratio in higher education of our country is on the rise from 1990 to 2019.
There are two main factors accounting for this trend in higher education. First and foremost, the increasing proportion of the population receiving higher education in China comes from our country’s great attention to education and the continuous increase of investment in education. Secondly, the rapid growth of social demand for advanced professionals make individuals be in urgent needs for receiving higher education, which makes higher education develop at an unprecedented speed.
Obviously, the higher education of our country is shifting from the elitism to civilian education(精英教育向大众(公民)教育转变). We firmly believe that the higher the educational level of its citizens, the more prosperous the economy and the stronger the country will be.

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Hainan is the second largest island next to Taiwan and the most southern province in China. The island features beautiful views, pleasant climate, sufficient sunshine, diverse species, abundant hot springs and crystal-clear sea. As most beaches are ideal places for swimming and sunbathing almost all the year around, it is well recognized as a four-season garden and holiday resort(这个词很准确) of China, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.
Since its founding in 1988, Hainan has made rapid development in tourism, (英文没有顿号吗)service industries and high-tech industries and become the only special economic zone at the provincial level. With the strong support of the central government and the national people, Hainan will be built into the largest pilot free trade zone(实验区没有翻译出来吧).

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Yunnan is a province in southwest China with the average altitude of 1,500 metres. Yunnan features(这个有文化的意思吗) a long history, picturesque landscapes and pleasant climate. With its superior ecological environment and diverse species, Yunnan is well accredited as a paradise for wild animals and plants. In addition, Yunnan boasts(感觉这个词有点贬义呀) abundant mineral and water resources, providing favourable conditions for its sustainable development.
Yunnan is home(居住为什么用home ,inhabit呢) to 25 ethnic minorities, each of which has their own language, custom and religion. The unique natural scenery and the rich ethnic cultures make Yunnan one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, attracting a multitude of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

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Qinghai is a province in northwest China. With an average attitude of over 3,000 metres, most regions of the province are mountains and plateaus. Qinghai Province is named after the Qinghai Lake, which is the largest saltwater lake in China, one of the most popular tourist attracions as well as the paradise for photographers and artists.
With its picturesque scenery, vast territory and abundant petroleum and natural gas reserves, many cities within Qinghai Province have seen rapid economic development thanks to the petroleum and natural gas industries. Besides, Qinghai is also well-known for its ample amount of water resource. As the headstream of Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River, China’s three major rivers, the province plays a significant role in China’s water ecosystem.

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